CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL



CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL

CrossFit MNL (CFMNL), the pioneer in bringing CrossFit in the Philippines, has proven to be the school of elite fitness. CFMNL has encouraged men and women of different fitness levels to try CrossFit in the country since 2011. From CrossFit, CFMNL has offered different programs such as Bootcamp, FitKids MNL, Strongman and Striking MNL.

CFMNL is bringing yet again, an innovation in fitness. We invite you to join Run MNL, a CFMNL program that will make every mile to be stronger and faster.

Running is considered a solitary sport—it’s you and where your feet may take you. But running with a group feels better and easier. Run MNL aims to make running a daily habit; to push the runner in every individual; to develop serious runners/specialists; and to make every mile you covered stronger.

Run MNL is open to all individuals and enthusiasts. Even for those who would just aim to lose those excess pounds to enjoy their lives longer and healthier. Run MNL is offered primarily in selected CFMNL boxes (i.e., Eastwood, Kapitolyo, San Juan).

Run MNL is a program specifically designed for running. As this is aimed to develop specialists, there will be series of agility drills, speed trials, intense cardio training/HIIT complemented by strengthening and conditioning skills. Run MNL conducts Community Run during weekends in selected areas where anyone can join regardless of their fitness level.



About CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness program for everyone. It uses exercises from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track and field, kettlebell training and other sports. Most workouts resemble circuit training and are finished in less than 30 minutes.

About CrossfitMNL

A group of passionate athletes from different backgrounds were bored with gym or their usual training routine. These folks wanted to get the best results from a demanding, varied and fun workout.

The journey began in 2011, when one member came across CrossFit in the USA and immediately fell in love and got addicted to the sport. Spreading the gospel about CrossFit to athletes coming from various disciplines, they formed CrossFit MNL knowing the benefits of the program and the need for a new sport in the Philippines.

CrossFitMNL Box Schedule Contact No/s Address

Eastwood (Quezon City)
Tuesdays & Thursdays
(02) 720 9135 G/F One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Quezon City

Kapitolyo (Pasig City)
Mondays & Wednesdays 7am
(0917) 579 9292
91-C East Capitol Drive corner Sta. Clara Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

San Juan Tuesdays & Thursdays
(0917) 537 2435
Unit C, Harmonia Center 8005 Ortigas Ave., Greenhills West, San Juan City

For more information, queries or possible collaboration, you may contact:
Allan Ray Enriquez
RunMNL Representative
Contact No. (0917) 6312255





Under Armour, the global leader in innovative performance footwear, apparel and equipment has taken footwear innovation to the next level. In March, the Brand introduced its first-ever 3D printed performance trainer, the UA Architech. The UA Architech is a 360-degree performance training shoe that features a functional 3D printed midsole and 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper design that creates a “super-hybrid” trainer. This performance trainer provides athletes with the ultimate stability and cushioning to take on the most intense workouts, and it’s travelling all the way to Rio on the feet of elite swimmer, Michael Phelps.

In addition to the state-of-the-art technology and custom color design, Michael’s footwear features a personal touch to provide an additional source of motivation as he heads into competition. His 3-month old son, Boomer’s footprint is printed on the insole of the shoe as a personal reminder that Boomer is with him every step and stroke of the way.



The innovative 3D printed midsole of the UA Architech was combined with a flow-molded 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper to provide athletes with a shoe that not only gives a locked-in, supportive feel, but also flexes and moves with the foot to provide a zero distractions experience. Add in the Brand’s unparalleled Charged Cushioning underfoot for responsiveness and comfort, and a thin rubber outsole for traction and you have Under Armour’s most elite performance trainer.

A new color of the UA Architech will be available as a limited edition offering to consumers this August on The shoe, which retails for $299.99, was the first 3D printed performance trainer available to consumers. The first color was available in March and sold out in under 20 minutes.

Under Armour also geared Michael up with a custom pair of the UA Speedform Slingshot Running shoes in a limited edition red, white and blue colorway that also feature Boomer’s footprint. This innovative running shoe delivers zero distractions with a seamless, zonal compression, 3D knit upper and Under Armour Charged Cushioning. The limited edition color way is available on



About Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour (NYSE: UA), the originator of performance footwear, apparel and equipment, revolutionized how athletes across the world dress. Designed to make all athletes better, the brand’s innovative products are sold worldwide to athletes at all levels. The Under Armour Connected Fitness™ platform powers the world’s largest digital health and fitness community through a suite of applications: UA Record, MapMyFitness, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland.

For further information, please visit the Company’s website at

Be Humble and Stay Hungry.

Under Armour Trinoma Opening

Under Armour expands reach in PH by opening new brand house at TriNoma
Under Armour finds a new home at Ayala Malls’ shopping center in Quezon City.


Curry 2.5 Pair Facebook.jpg


The TriNoma brand house of the world’s innovative sports apparel is set to be the fifth Under Armour branch in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Regarded as the most innovative sports and fitness clothing line in the world today, Under Armour is extending its reach in the Philippines as it launches a new brand house in Metro Manila.

Under Armour will formally open a branch at Level 3 of the TriNoma Mall in Quezon City on Friday, August 12.

The grand opening event will be held on Saturday, August 13, with Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) superstars Asi Taulava and Jervy Cruz serving as special guests

Taulava, a Filipino-Tongan cager who has been strutting his wares on the PBA court for 16 years in five different teams, copped the league’s Most Valuable Player trophy in 2003 and led the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters to the All-Filipino Conference title in the same year.

Known by his moniker “The Rock” due to his prowess in the shaded lane, Taulava likewise represented flag and country in international competitions as he suited up for the Philippine national team on several occasions. And now, he is currently the starting center of the NLEX Road Warriors.

Meanwhile, Cruz rose to prominence in the collegiate ranks when he steered the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers to the UAAP Promised Land in 2006.

Proving that skill could topple height, Cruz managed to elevate his on-court stature as a legitimate inside threat in his first few years in the PBA , now part of the most prominent PBA team in the country- Ginebra.

Taulava and Cruz will be offering a special treat to Under Armour aficionados as both men are slated to conduct a basketball clinic on August 13, 4:00pm, at the TriNoma activity center.

Aside from Taulava and Cruz’s free basketball workshop, Under Armour fans will also be given a chance to unleash their inner Stephen Curry with the UA Basketball Shootout Challenge, where qualified contestants will go head-to-head by showcasing their three-point shooting skills.

In order to join the basketball clinic and UA Basketball Shootout Challenge, a single receipt purchase of at least P2,000 from August 12 to August 13 at the Under Armour TriNoma brand house will earn an exclusive pass to the festivities and a chance to take home awesome prizes.

Under Armour’s TriNoma brand house, the sporting apparel’s fifth branch in the Philippines and fourth in Metro Manila, is expected to have the top-of-the-line Curry 2.5 and the highly-acclaimed UA Charged Bandit 2 on its shelves.

Designed for NBA’s most prolific point guard, Curry 2.5 is molded in synthetic upper that is wrapped closely around the foot for a lightweight and precise fit.

In addition, Curry 2.5 has an external PU shell that provides durable support and structure as well as an external shank and heel counter that delivers locked-in stability through heel, arch and forefoot to maintain balance.

Make sure to follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook

Organique Acai Berry – Super Anti-oxidant in a Bottle



Free Radicals

Chemical elements and compounds in our body interact dynamically by losing or gaining electrons or combining with each in order to stabilize their structure. Free radicals are unstable molecular forms that result out of these interactions where weakly bonded organic elements or compounds lose an electron. These free radicals then become agents of instability within the cellular level by initiating this chain of electron grabbing and free radical forming oxidation process.

This chain reaction will eventually tamper an organic molecular structure. Unfortunately, in this instance, it cannot re-establish its stability by grabbing an electron thereby compromising its biological function. The cumulative effect of this damaging cycle over the years is what eventually manifests as degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and premature aging. Examples of degenerative diseases are arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, to name a few – in short, almost all things that will eventually kill us.


Luckily, chemical agents known as anti-oxidants can retard this oxidative damage to cells. These compounds donate an electron to stabilize free radicals without themselves turning into one thereby putting a stop to this harmful chain reaction. They can do so because they are stable in either form.

Sources of antioxidants include dietary supplements Vitamins A, C, and E, and beta-carotene and other carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, lutein, and lycopene mostly found in our fruits and vegetables.

Various studies found that blue and black berries have one of the greatest contents of antioxidant phytochemicals among other food and plant sources. Acai berry with its dark purple color sits high in the rank among more than 3000 food sources tested for antioxidant content earning for itself the title of being a “superfood”.

Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend

The husband and wife tandem of Elton and Cathy Salimbangon began working on the production of Acai berry more than five years ago. The stress from working in an organic juice manufacturing company and as a registered in California prompted the couple to find the best daily nutritional supplement to enhance health and energy.
Upon several consultations with nutritionists, Acai berry stood out as the best food source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant substances during that time.

Putting in the needed research work to produce the beverage for optimal health by sourcing them straight from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil where they thrive and concentrating their potent antioxidant content in a bottle in order to preserve their chemical integrity, Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend was born. Here in the country, Organique California began to take roots back in 2010 when the couple did door-to-door selling of their wonder product. Slowly, the good benefits of their product spread and the company has grown by leaps and bound into what it is now.

Last July 28, Organique Acai unveiled its new packaging, a product of a collaboration with a London based designer, with a fabulous media and press launch at Shangri La Makati Rizal Ballroom. This after starting as a concept back in 2008 is now a globally competitive product with no less than Supermodel Tweetie Gonzales as brand ambassador.


Organique Acai Berry 38 Benefits

1. Helps build a strong body by providing protein – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend has more proteins than an average egg. Proteins are the primary components of some hormones and body tissues, including muscles and organs. Proteins also make up the outer layers of hair, nail and skin.
2. Cleanses and detoxifies the body – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend has been used for centuries to cleanse the body of contaminants.
3. Enhances muscle contractions and muscle regeneration – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend has mix of essential amino acids and trace minerals that are vital for strength and recovery after strenuous activities.
4. Increases energy and enhances stamina – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s nutrients and large amount of natural lipids provide needed energy to engage in competitive sports and tackle daily chores.
5. Stress relief – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend can help regulate stress levels and repair the body.
6. Improves sexual health – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can counter infertility due to stress, pollution and factors related to free radicals.
7. Aids body synergy – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s immune-system-strengthening qualities help protect the entire body.
8. A potent anti-aging food – the regenerative nutrients and strong antioxidants in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend keep cells operating optimally and may slow aging.
9. May help prevent prostate enlargement – the antioxidant punch of Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend may be a powerful weapon in the fight against benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly known as enlarged prostate.
10. Helps prevent osteoporosis in women – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend has a significant amount of Calcium, which helps strengthen the bones, prevent fractures and can help prevent osteoporosis.
11. Ease menstrual cycles – Women who experience extreme menstrual pain can also benefit from Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend. Calcium-rich foods help coat the lining of the stomach and uterus and help reduce the pain from cramps and bloating.
12. May help prevent causes of heart diseases – the berry contains the antioxidant, polyphenols, a principal source of heart protection. One anthocyanin, cyaniding-2-glucoside, may improve the production of nitric oxide (NO) in endothelial cells. It does not allow vessel walls to relax and expand, resulting in less stress on the heart, decreased risk of vessel blockage and an increased blood flow.
13. Reduces bad cholesterol – in addition to its high antioxidant content, Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs). A large body of research indicates that EFAs help reduce harmful LDL cholesterol while supporting levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol, which can lead to better blood circulation.
14. Sterols may lower blood pressure (BP) – sterols are components of plant cell membranes providing numerous benefits to the human body. Sterols are currently being used to treat symptoms associated with BP.
15. Protects blood vessels – the anthocyanins in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend protect small and large blood vessels, including veins, arteries and capillaries.
16. Help thwart retinopathy – in diabetes, weak capillaries can lead to a condition called retinopathy, which often leads to blindness. Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend helps protect capillaries.
17. Improves glucose and lipid levels – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s lower glycemic index improves glucose and lipid level in diabetics.
18. Weight control – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s low glycemic index also helps control appetite and delay hunger, which can help individuals trying to lose weight.
19. Improve resistance to diseases – by boosting the immune system, Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s rich nutrient profile helps boost the body’s natural defenses.
20. Improved function of immune cells – recent findings published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine indicate that Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s beta-sitosterol prevents immune suppression and modulates the lymphocyte activity.
21. Prevents free-radical damage to the immune system – free radical damage (or oxidation) is one of the primary causes of immune weakness or dysfunction.
22. Can thwart viruses, bacterial infections and funguses – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend can reduce the frequency of infectious diseases.
23. Acts as an antimutagenic – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s antioxidant properties help prevent damage to DNA, which lowers the risk posed by carcinogens and mutagens.
24. Improved digestion – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s dietary fiber helps promote the health of the digestive tract, including colon.
25. Overcomes acid-reflux diseases (GERD) – The broad array of antioxidants in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend may help protect and repair the lower esophagus damaged by GERD, and its acid-suppression effects reduce the acidity of stomach contents when reflux does occur.
26. Heals ulcers – the antibacterial properties of Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s kills bad bacteria, fungi and parasites, including H. pylori, the ulcer-causing bacteria.
27. Helps relieves symptoms of Crohn’s disease – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s anti-inflammatory abilities may prevent the mal-absorption of vital nutrients by preventing damage to the wall of the small intestine.
28. Improves skin tone – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s phytosterols helps reduce the erosion of the skin’s protective coating.
29. Defends against premature wrinkles – because it is so high in anthocyanins and phytosterols, Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend helps protect connective tissues, including collagen.
30. May thwart cancer – the antioxidant protection of Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend may lower cancer risk for several types, including breast, lung, skin and stomach cancers, by neutralizing free radicals before they can damage cells.
31. Reduces arthritis pain – anti-inflammatory properties of Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend may offer relief of arthritis suffers.
32. Relieves symptoms of asthma – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties found to improve symptoms of asthma.
33. May reduce risk for Alzheimer’s disease – the 2004 study from the Archives of Neurology found a reduced risk or Alzheimer’s disease with increased amounts of vitamin C and E found in Açaí Berry.
34. Aids vision – the beta carotene and C in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend promote eye health, including reducing the complications of macular degeneration in diabetics.
35. Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums – the calcium in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend may mean a whiter smile and stronger teeth, as well as the prevention of gingivitis and other gum diseases.
36. Improves mental clarity – Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend’s omega-3 fats are crucial for proper mental function and alertness.
37. Better sleep – the vitamin B and other nutrients in Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend reduce stress and help brain cells communicate by assisting with the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.
38. Promotes overall wellness.


The “Ten Commandments” on How to be a Fabulous Running Diva


Photo Credit: Day Spotted Photography


The “Ten Commandments” on How to be a Fabulous Running Diva

So you think you are a Fabulous Running Diva? Well, think again! It takes more than the outrageous, colorful running attires that you wear during events. It means more than able to strike the fiercest of poses in front of photographers. It requires more than being associated with the group and donning the team uniform. For starters, here are “Ten Rules to Live By” to become a bona fide running diva.

1. Primarily, running divas must love running, not the other way around. If they use running in order to have an avenue for their whims as divas, then they are bent for failure. Eventually the novelty of running will wear off and bring their flamboyance down with it. They will not endure. They are not real running divas. They are simply divas pretending to be runners.

2. Train to run and not train to run in costume. Running in costume is just a natural expression of our personality while engaging in the sport that we love. The joy of running makes us don our personality with us and proudly show it to the world through colorful, shining shimmering, and fabulous outfits. But the love for the sport should come first that’s why we train hard for it in order to achieve our personal best or to best support others. We finish what we started and will never ever take a short cut. If ever due to unavoidable circumstances we are forced to give up, we do so with dignity and rightfully declare DNF. We strive to be better runners, not better cos-players.

3. More than a team, we are a family. We run as individuals but recognize ourselves as team players. We love the spotlight but we do not crave for it. We do not aspire for it. The spotlight comes to us not the other way around. We are a natural in what we do that is why the others resonate to us and appreciate us. We do not use the team to further personal fame or interests. We are brothers and sisters in our love for the sport and cos-play. We are one big happy family where everyone is equal – everyone is a star!

4. We take pride in what we do despite the presence of KJs and bigots who flourish not only in the community of runners but also in the world in general. We may get heckles, banters, and whathaveyou expressions of disgust as we run along the route in outrageous outfits but our shield of invincibility is beyond their penetration. We are beyond the clutches of negativity. We are the embodiment of all things fun and fabulous. So heads up and blaze the road literally and figuratively with flying colors. Let them eat our shining shimmering rainbow colored dust.

5. We are fabulous runners with a heart and that makes us more beautiful inside and out. We take into consideration other runners before ourselves. We do not let our thick false lashes blind our eyes to the needs of other members and other runners. We are sensitive and receptive to others even though we may appear aloof because of our natural tendency to be unique. If we see someone struggling in the road, we try to reach out and help them costume, make up, wigs and all.

6. We give back to the running community and to the sport that gives us all the happiness and positive energy that we exude. We help out in whatever way we can most specially in races for a cause – the “real” race for a cause not those giving just a meager nickel in the name of being branded a “run for a cause” and reap all the benefits that come with the tag.

7. We do not let our colorful and outrageous outfits carry us. We shine much brighter, much fancier through them. We do not make them our shield with which to hide our identities. Instead, we make them reflect our identities.

8. We go to running events to spread joy and positive energy and nothing else. We endure the hot costumes, abrasive surfaces of our accessories, ticklish wigs, melting makeup, and all just to bring color and good vibes to an otherwise monotonous event. We are not there to “harvest” the resources of the event. We are not “lootbag” junkies and freebie hunters. We give; we do not receive. That makes us “classy” not “trashy”. Anything extra that we receive are given to us wholeheartedly and not through deceit or force.

9. If we are given specific tasks during events/races, we do them dutifully and with total comprehension of what the tasks require of us. If we are given the task as pacers, we try to act as pacers and not as fun runners. We train beforehand in order to execute the pace and lead the runners to the finish line with almost perfect approximation of the finishing time. If we are given the task of leading the warm-up, we try to find time to practice in order to deliver a “pasabog” performance. We may appear frivolous but we strive for excellence in all things that we do.

10. We memorize by heart and live by example the motto of a Fabulous Running Diva:

“The road is my runway. The trail is my ramp. The finish line is my stage.”


Now you better weeerk!!!



Photo Credit: Running Photographers

How I Conquered Soleus Cross Country Challenge and the Lessons I Learned on Trail Running


DNF. These are the three letters most of us runners try to push back behind the curtain of our minds together with mischievous thoughts that crave for but should not be given attention. They, however, resurrect like persistent floating daggers waiting to stab our will each time we feel weakened and almost at the verge of giving up along the route.


Soleus Cross Country Challenge is true to its namesake and challenged me in all aspects of my capability to handle not only the distance but also the geographical terrain of the Pintong Bocaue, Mt. Sainai, Rizal route. Compounded with several days of rain prior to the event, this seemingly manageable terrain became a muddy pit where layers and layers of fudgy soil cling to the soles of my shoes and will not shake off like leech, like vegetable fiber caught between teeth.


My legs are already heavy as they are given my lack of preparation – my longest run was 16K a month prior where I got calf strain. The following week I did a sprint triathlon where I ran, or rather walked, for 5K after some 900-meter swim and 30K bike that aggravated my injury. Two days later, I still tried to do my recovery run for at least 5K. Halfway though, I felt a snap followed by the cramping pain that built up my left calf and it felt hard. Because of this, I am prepared to walk most if not all of the cross-country distance but I did not expect to feel like crawling at certain points past the halfway point.


Okey so Diva Runner Alyna and I tried to convince the organizer, albeit at the last minute, to downgrade our distance from 21K to 12K. However, since the shorter distance is already filled up, our request cannot be accommodated. With no recourse whatsoever, we hesitantly toed in the starting line at around 6 a.m. with wavering determination to try to at least “kembot” walk the entire distance just to finish it with a sane mind and a functioning body.


Lesson No. 1: The trail run distance should not be equated with the road race distance. A 21K of trail running is almost double the effort of a road race of the same distance!


Alyna and I settled at the tail end of the group and tried to catch up with those in front of us. The trail is a muddly track along the sides of a hilly to mountainous Rizal area with tall grasses/vegetation by the sides. The first part was going downhill in most parts so I made a mental note that the return trip is going to be a pain in the ass. At the moment though we were pre-occupied with trying to guess which part is less muddy and less slippery. For the most part, we are trying not to slip and shamefully fall on my butt in front of other runners, well, me most specially after committing one grave mistake in coming to this race – wearing a regular road race shoes! Duh!



In order to navigate without slipping, I used some plant stalks to hold on to and propel me forward. I was being extra careful though as some plants have tiny spines and/or itchy/stingy surfaces that will injure your hands. I tried to likewise be very visually vigilant of the path I am stepping into as some potholes and unstable stones/rocks can be very dangerous. I already saw several runners slipping on their butt early in the race. I almost did several times too only to be lucky to regain my balance, and composure, the last minute. “Buti nlang or else wa poise!” I thought to myself. In one instance however, I almost did only to be saved by my strong hands preventing the butt plant. In a race like this, such incident is a commonality though so do not be distressed by such display of lack of poise.


Lesson 2: Come properly geared for the trail race. Use trail shoes! These shoes were made specifically for these kind of races so be equipped with one! They come with thicker soles with spikes for firmer and safer foothold. Trekking poles are great aid in forward momentum during steep inclines too as you will be able to utilize your arm strength aside from your legs, which undoubtedly, will be overworked. Bring plastic covers for yourself in case of heavy downpour and smaller ones for your money and gadgets.


Lesson 3: As much as possible, try to cover up! Not only for the hash sunlight but also for the rashes from the blades of leaves, thorns, branches, sharp edges of rocks and trees, etc. And mosquito/insect bites (mosquito repellant lotions are needed in exposed parts)! I was peppered with mosquito bites in almost all exposed parts that I spent some valuable energy scratching and smacking them! Rash guards are necessary! Leggings are great leg protectors too! Gloves are perfect for trying to hold on to spiny bushes and rocky surfaces.


However, if you are a fabulous running diva where you will go out or your comfort zone just to be fiercely different like us in this photo collage by Alyna, then, by all means! Just be sure not to compromise your safety or those of others.



Lesson 4: If you are a competitive runner or aiming for PR, try to position yourself where your speed history tells you belong. Like in front if you have elite speed, middle if you are of average speed, and back if you are relatively slow. Trail routes are usually a one-person traffic so you will either spend some energy trying to overtake in a narrow track or be harassed with a number of those trying to overtake you.


Lesson 5: And do not put your timing tag in your shoelaces if it is of a paper variety even if it is meant to be worn that way. Remember you will be stepping and crossing the most challenging of terrains and they will likely be detached one way or the other! If the race organizers have foresight, they should supply a bib tag rather than a shoe tag.


The trail is indeed a marvelous opportunity to take breathtaking pictures along the route. The great thing about Soleus races, Running Photographers are strategically located in picture perfect areas that there is no need to carry cameras or phones with you. Normally, I was at my modellic element here and the race became more of a rampage than a run. Well, what’s new with Fab Divas? We, afterall, are known to sashay and make the route our runway! And this despite hurting and almost giving up inside! “Tiis ganda di ba?”


It was unfortunate that due to days of intermittent raining, the race director altered the original 21K route that features several river crossings. Instead of going straight to the river area like what the 12K did, 21K runners turned left towards the mountainous area resulting in a harder travail. Neither did we meet the “Sirena of the River” who lifted her mysterious veil of secrecy for a day to dole out loop cords and have pictures taken with the runners! Lucky for me she waited for hours and hours despite the harsh land conditions to show her grandiose self just for me. I have proof in picture of such opportune moment!



The trip up the mountainous area is characterized by several meters of grinding teeth and “kembot” walking steep sections and executing my best running effort and gaining few Ks while feeling relieved at downhill parts. Several running friends gave precious encouragement and lifesaving information that the hydration station atop the mountain was already depleted and that we should try to preserve what is left in our hydration bottles. It really pays to have many running friends!


Lesson 6: Be self-sufficient for at least 5K in terms of hydration and nutrition! In trail races, several areas are not that readily accessible that hydration stations are scant. At the most, expect hydration stations in 5K increments. Therefore, it is to your greater good not to rely on these stations and try to bring your own hydration and nutritional supply with you.


My lifesaver are my two flipbelt bottles. They may be small at 6 oz each but they were enough to tide me through in between hydration stations. I put sports drink in one and water in the other. Through this method, I keep myself from both being dehydrated and cramping from lack of salt and minerals. My flipbelt too proved very capable and valuable as it carried 2 chocolate bars, 2 hydration bottles, money and 5.5” mobile phone snuggly without jiggling and being snagged by the branches. The route took us through some populated areas midway where we bought some cola drinks and “pan de coco” for some needed boost and food supplement.


Lesson 7: Bring some cash inside a plastic bag with you. The money will prove lifesaving for buying food and water in sari-sari stores along the route. In case of DNF, you may use them to pay for transportation. Mobile phones are useful in case you might need to call for help. Though signal in high altitude and rural areas are intermittent, still the importance of a communication device is indespensable.


Going back from the mountain trip towards the barrio was a challenge for me. I was all depleted of energy and I was feeling a bit faint. My head also hurts for some reason I later come to know as a developing cold virus. Talk about compounding body stress. I was still running the downslopes, but this time I was sort of just reeling. I cannot even be bothered for some chitchat, leaving Alyna and Rocky indulge in. Deadmatic ang beauty ko.


Upon reaching the 12K -21K junction, I was more than ready to call it quits. But along the way I saw some more less athletic ones never giving up. This lady runner even had her soles all ripped off but not her will to finish! Another runner was almost sprawled on the ground with cramps on both feet and here I am without injury but thinking about giving up. These gave me the fuel to persevere. I will walk till finishline comes!


Six hours after gun start and I am still under the already heating midday. The muds are more hardened by now but the heat is enervating. I have to give kudos to the marshals, a number are running friends from Team Soleus and WGR family, who still were out after several hours of assisting the runners. They too were exposed to both heat and fatigue. You did a great job guys!


The last 6K is a test of will and fighting spirit. Passing through the same path characterized by several downslopes, and therefore, uphill climb on the way back made me cringe at the thought. The makeshift pole I found along the sidewalk provided some added propulsion from my arms. By this time, my legs are very much ready to give up.


But I won’t! Because this woman runner in front of me will not, so I will not too! Pakakabog ba ako? Haha…The Finish line is looming by the horizon. I can hear the distinct sound of the music coming from the sound system. The voice of the host giving up some instructions is audible. It felt so near yet so far. Then I remembered that instead of turning right directly to the finish line like the 12K runners, 21K runners need to navigate this steep runabout along the sides of the hill before returning to this intersection. This time around, it is straight for the end line – the end of my agony.


The last few meters towards the finish line is like the reverse of the “green mile” where instead of death you are reborn. Reborn to a victorious celebration of not giving up despite feeling very much so, not surrendering to the commands of the body, not letting go of earning the medal that signifies more than finishing. It signifies a mark of courage, strength of will and determination.


There is one photo that Reggie Cruz of Running Photographers and Pido took of me in my best dramatization of what I felt during the half part of the race – my “Gumapang ka sa Lusak” pose. In my mind, I really felt like crawling just to finish this race. And I did!


The hard-earned medal.

Fiber Up to Beat Hypertension

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Fiber Up to Beat Hypertension
The month of May celebrates World Hypertension Day and besides commemorating Losartan, Lipitor, and Atenolol, there’s a natural and better way to combat hypertension. It is the Big F.
The “Big F” is FIBER. It is derived from plants and scores huge in keeping the heart and colon healthy, for better blood circulation and detoxification.
Good blood circulation prevents hypertension. Sapping bad cholesterol and toxins out of the body by consuming fibrous food, such as oatmeal, also promotes digestive health and prevents colon cancer… aside from boosting good blood circulation. The connection continues: did you know that hypertension helps bring about constipation? So fiber up, and you prevent both hypertension and colon problems., an esteemed medical online publication revealed that “adding fiber to the diet was associated with a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.” also pointed out other lifestyle and dietary improvements which help keep blood pressure levels under control. These include “weight loss, reduced sodium intake, moderation in alcohol use, increased potassium intake, increased physical activity, and following the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet.”

Fiber-packed Food
Basically, anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of fiber simply has to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fiber may also be sourced from cereals and carbo-loaded food such as oatmeal. There are many variants of oatmeal– instant, quick-cooking, whole-grain rolled oats, and oat bran. Just find the kind that suits your taste and lifestyle most.
One brand, Australia Harvest Oatmeal, boasts of best quality as it prides itself in coming from the world’s best oats-growing region, West Australia. Perhaps it is this best-source and superior-quality assurance that made the Philippine Volcanoes— the country’s official rugby team sent to battle in international rugby competitions– choose Australia Harvest Oatmeal as their Official Fiber Partner. And for good reasons. The Philippine Volcanoes just won their bronze medal in the recently concluded Asian Rugby Competition.
So celebrate World Hypertension Day this May, by staying healthy and sharing the fitness word.
Fiber up, for Life!